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"Helping Brand Owners Navigate Cross Functional Processes & Distributed, Outsourced Teams to Launch" 


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Launching a new consumer brand can be daunting, particularly when multiple domestic and global production sources and facilities must be integrated with design, market channels and distribution!! 

Through our Brand Launch Platform we help new brand owners and product launchers of consumer and sewn goods affordably source and navigate their way through the product lifecyle- inception through delivery. 

Our stable of global designers, product engineers, materials sources and production agents and assembly houses are hand picked by our Founder and his partners, best in class. We help match the right ones for our clients.

Definition: In industry, product lifecycle management (PLM) is the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a product from concept, through design, engineering and production assembly, to market service and sales, to disposal of the manufactured products

Supply Chain Alert: The textile apparel business is a world apart from the corporate sector. Its product portfolio is moreover diverse, its supply chain more complex, and its consumers more demanding and fickle than its counterparts in perhaps any other industry.

Even creating a single stock keeping unit (SKU) is a multinational, multi-faceted task, requiring the skills and knowledge of professionals from every aspect of the industry: merchandisers, buyers, designers, pattern makers and increasingly information technologists."

BOTTOM LINE: That is why you need YP2M as your Brand's Launch Pro Navigator ™ and Growth Calculator 

Product Lifecycle Management
 Supply Chain Navigation 

Product Formation & Market Preparation

Pre Market Front End Navigation

YP2M provides affordable Front End PLM Advisory 
Solutions and Creative Formulations to its' clients' 
product development processes: 
Concept through pre production samples and customer 
approved, pre market product.

1) Trend Reviews & Product Ideation: 
(research market styles, colors, texture & materials, price 
points, etc; free lance open ended thoughts n doodles; line 
concept, design themes & collection planning, etc.)

2) Concept Product Renderings & Merchandising Schemes:(create proprietary drawings, sketches, CAD illustrations, product outlines or silhouettes & line story boards; create or 
source fabric textures, styles, graphic & color ways; develop 
seasonal plans, consumer sales price planning, etc)

3) Product Formation: 
(form & select first designs & fabrics; develop visual or pre 
production prototypes illustrating embellishments, colorways, 
logos, graphics and identification of materials or textiles)

4) First Samples for Client Approval: 
(virtual or engineered prototypes, first fittings, comfort & user friendliness, initial pricing and packaging design plans; develop initial technical requirements & specifications).

5) Market Ready, Factory Sample Plan with Engineering 
Specifications, Packaging & Cost estimates: 
(Tech Pac with final fit, sizing, material yields, color matching; 
product construction instructions for contract factory production; 
brand manufacturer's cost of goods pricing & margins; fulfillment
and delivery packaging plans)

6) Branding, Trademarks, Copyrights, Test Marketing, 
Sales Program formulations: 
(consumer & industry trade show planning, market channel 
options, social media plan, sponsorship & Mfg rep sourcing, 
promotional & PR plans) 

Production, Sales & Distribution Calculations

Market Launch Back End Navigation 

YP2M provides affordable Back End PLM Advisory 
Solutions and Technical Formulations including 
product engineers and factory information control 
experts as virtual or augmented staff: 
To calculate outsourced production & distribution 
processes, formulate launch through roll out 
deliveries including market channel navigation 
and data management.
1) Approved Contract Factory Production Sourcing: 
(identify materials, trim, and assembly locations; make ability 
and production capacity evaluations; costing, minimums & 
lead times)

2) Factory Sample Production Set Up
(product specifications & quality control (QC) information 
communications for factory/supplier implementation)

3) Production Implementation- Final Costing, Scheduling and Production Capacity Calculations: 
(for factory execution including testing for materials  content, 
color fastness, shrinkage & washing; factory sample runs to 
assure spec & QC consistency to standards, set final COG's 
and margins, plus small and mass order feasibility & logistics)

4) Product Roll Out- Sales and Production Order 
Transaction Controls and Production Navigation Set Up: 
(total sales order capture and conversion to production order 
including inventory and work in progress management and 
logistics on materials and cut make trim (CMT) assembly 
through finished goods; freight forwarding & shipping 
including pic, sort, pack, and tag n bag label packaging).

5) Financial Mechanism Recommendations & Options: 
(credit lines, factoring, PO lending, crowd sourcing, and 
bridge funding including notes and warrants, if necessary, etc.)

6) Outsourced Warehousing, Logistics, Fulfillment Data 
Management, and Marketing Implementation:
(Management of distribution and sales platforms; dissemination 
of marketing materials & POP promos; wholesale and/or e tail 
order transaction alignment with warehouse inventory product 
fulfillment and refill data including drop shipments)

Benjamin Gage
Brand Builder, Marketer, Innovation Pioneer, PLM Expert

RTD3 CAS- Patented PLM Solution 
(Real Time Design, Development, Delivery
Collaborative Apparel Solution)

Mr Gage has done it and mentor coached it.
His PLM (Product LifeCycle Management) solution 
relates to integration of collaboration technology 
within product launch and roll out processes

Creative Design & Engineered Product Development 
through Production and Distribution Delivery. 

As Inventor, he designed it to be the
'Clicks between Designers, Retailers & Factory Bricks'