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Value Chain Navigation 

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Through the Value Chain


                                               As Emerging Brand Owner
                                            You Maintain Execution Control 

We Maximize the Bottom Line for Start Ups and Emerging Growth Brands

Startups and Growth Brands save on fixed costs by paying independent businesses to fill most of the roles in the value chain, from research and design to development and delivery! 


It allows entry level brand owners to focus on generating sales and new innovations derived from real time customer feedback.

Value Chain Structuring 

One of the key challenges that every StartUp Brand Owner faces in outsource producing its' products is structuring its value chain. 

Value Chain Definition

The value chain consists of all "in house and outsourced businesses and individuals" that play a part in the product development, production and distribution process from design and new product rendering or engineering to suppliers and assembly, to distributors (wholesalers, retailers and e-stores) and end use customers who buy the finished branded products. 

NOTE: Brand Owners typically occupy a space in the middle of this chain, but through outsourced, vertical integration market entry level brand owners can extend their control and reduce cost within the value chain.

Control Your Value Chain

Outsourcing part or all of the value chain that a brand needs gains a strategic advantage by controlling supply chain information and product flow without owning the process elements and the overhead cost associated within each value chain operation. 

Execution by Contract 

This is done by entering into contractual agreements with service providers and suppliers to provide goods and services that are part of the development, production and distribution process at fixed rates typically factored into the brand owners total cost of goods. 

Virtual Vertical Control 

Virtual Vertical control is gained any time a brand manufacturer takes information and process control of elements that are closer to its suppliers or customers than its main internal control operations. 

Value Chain Process Elements

--Control of value stream process elements toward the supplier is known as upstream, or backward 

(back end) integration. 

--Control of value stream process elements closer to consumers is known as downstream, or forward 

(front end) integration. 

Vertical Out Sourcing Advantages

Outsourcing vertically allows emerging brand owners to take "process and information control" of their value chains, ensuring steady access to new designs, components, raw materials, assembly and distribution.

Key Point 

Vertical Outsourcing can also ensure flexibility so that production and distribution networks can move small volume at market entry, and larger volume products as demand accelerates.