Smart Product Collabatorium  


A Virtual Commercializer for Founders to Scale Innovations

Three YP2M Service Categories

Multiple Fee Options 

High Value Added Fractional Services at Affordable Rates for Emerging Entrepreneurs & Growth Companies

1) Start Up to Scale Up

Founders' CEO Services & Coaching

Commercialization Packages 
A) Three Months 
Start Up Calculations, Proprietary Process Module 1

B) Six Months 
Launch Navigation, Proprietary Process Modules 1 & 2

C) Twelve Months 
Start Up to Growth Calculations, Proprietary Process Modules 1-4

"Our fees are designed to minimize cash burn rate 
and maximize the speed toward cash flow"  

Fixed and Contingency Fees:
--Retainer Required
--Monthly Fee Payment Plans Available
--Deferred Fee Options till milestones, if qualified
--Growth Incentive Contingency Bonuses 
(commission & equity)

*E mail request for details and standard rates*

2) Early Stage Company 
    Supply Chain/Resource Team Building

Smart Network Connectivity, Negotiation & Set Up
A. Product origination, design & brand line formation

B. Back End supply chain development & production 

C. Front End market channel connectivity & sales

Contingency Commision:
Percentage of cost of goods and/or cost of sales for supply chain pathways, PLM calculations & market channel navigation

*E mail request for detailed discussions to [email protected]

3) Emerging Company

    Thought Leadership and

    Chief Commercial Officer Services

Brand & Disruptive Technology Commercialization: 
Support commercialization strategy and leadership development focused on marketing, sales, product development and customer service to drive business 
growth and market share.

Negotiable Fees