Smart Product Collabatorium  


A Virtual Commercializer for Founders to Scale Innovations

Our Commercialization Solution is both


Art and Process

And It Works

It's proprietary and configured to seamlessly navigate entrepreneurs from inception 

through funding and launch toward calculated growth and later funding rounds. 

We are led by an entrepreneur and intrapreneur expert and supported by a plurality 

of select subject matter experts (SME's). 

Here's How We Get You Commercialized

Firstly We Provide Scale-Up Assessments To 

Determine Your Product's Market Potential 

  1. Vision- project feasibility, value proposition and market insight
  2. Scalability- maximum market growth opportunity
  3. Capitalization- funding needs, revenue plan and IP status
  4. Scale Up Plan- biz model, goals, execution, resources, timelines

Then for Market Entry and Product Roll 

We Serve as Your 

Launch Pro Navigator™

Growth Calculator

Four Comprehensive Modules to Commercialization


Based on Real World Experience 

Navigating StartUp & Fast Growth Environments

 four effective modules, our clients are properly coached, prepared and navigated through a customized commercialization 
process the right way to avoid pitfalls and critical mistakes that can cost unnecessary time, energy and money.

Module 1: Strategy, Structure, Product Plans, and Leadership/Talent Cultivation

  • Niche Market category discovery, product inspiration and brand formation strategy
  • Insight into strategic product characteristics, line concept and merchandising strategy
  • Product Management Strategies & Resources through early design/trial market phases
  • Founders’ Coaching in effective organization, team structuring, and ownership plans
  • Cultivation of Thought Leaders, Ambassadors, Advisers, Technicians and Funders
  • Integrated Launch Strategy (ILS) for collaboration & execution with Out Sourced Teams

Module 2: Pre-Market Activities and Market Channel/Sales Development

  • Integration of market discovery with product design, market test and brand positioning
  • Refinement of product, marketing strategy, sales channel selection and implementation
  • Market monitoring of competition, marketability and uptake strategies
  • Development of criteria for in-house/outsourced marketing and sales resources
  • Creation of a phased sales strategy for new product launch; including training, compensation schemes and sales   resources management

Module 3: Launch Execution and Product Roll-out

  • Fractional services for monitoring launch operations including virtual department communications and resources integration (all outsourced ops)
  • Contract Reviews, advisory & board formation, compliance and investor relations
  • Resourcing Dedicated / Fractional professional talent and interim management or virtual departments:
       Outsourced Category Examples include
        --PR, Digital Marketing, Sales and e-Commerce
        --Admin, Book Keeping and Operational Support
        --Design, Production, Packaging, Warehousing, Customer Service, Facilities and Technical Resource Support

Module 4: Growth and Product Life Cycle Management

  • Brand portfolio management strategy, development and vertical talent recruiting
  • Facilitate in house 2nd Management Growth Team sourcing, formation and development
  • Cultivate “C” Management reporting to the Founder Owners for leading growth and strategic acquisitions
  • Identifying current and long term asset acquisition or expansion opportunitiesi.e. joint venture, alliance, merger and licenses