Smart Product Collabatorium  


A Virtual Commercializer for Founders to Scale Innovations

Founders' Challenge

YP2M's Founder challenges you to execute on your market vision by seeking objective Founders' Coaching Advice from outside your company to navigate your pathway to commercialization and scaled growth!

"After all the vision, hype, collaboration & innovation, commercial success is 

all about Founders' team execution!

Are you fundable? Do you have the vision, talent, and drive to survive the difficult 

start up and early company stage process, what some call "The Valley of Death"?  

Or are you just another delusional wanna be entrepreneur and dreamer lacking 

the creativity to overcome barriers while being short on execution know how? 

You may make it without an experienced Entrepreneur Management Coach, but 
it will take much longer and cost a lot more. And be prepared to work harder than 
you ever have. 

The key will be to know whom to listen to or more importantly, whom NOT to 
listen to, and whom to delegate what to. We help you calculate that."  

Benjamin Gage, YP2M Founder