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YP2M's Founder

                                                           Benjamin Gage  


Expertise & Differentiator:

Mr Gage's inspiring, charismatic personality and combined manufacturing 

supply chain and emerging technology background differentiate him from 

other growth mentors whom typically bring only technology experiences to 

the emerging company Founders' leadership and advisory table! 

Key Accomplishments:

Mr Gage led or supported more than 3 dozen product launches, brands or system changes 

for small businesses and corporations. He spearheaded the pilot plant management team 

for implementing Japanese styled (Dr W.E. Deming analytics) quality circle and factory floor 

configuration systems changes for the world's largest textile apparel manufacturer; 

managed US regional marketing and category distribution for the relaunch of a half billion 

dollar global European consumer sport brand; was an industry leader in the merging 

of fashion with function technology; invented and designed the module configuration and 

SaaS functionality for a patented and collaborative global product innovation platform 

endorsed by Federated Department Stores & DOD affiliates; pioneered the Virtual Client 

Startup Program for Wake Forest University's MBA School of Management's Angell Center of Entrepreneurship's BDI (Babcock Demon Incubator); and developed several innovative solutions and new brands in performance apparel, sport fashion, technology and medical 


He's adept in building and inspiring teams to drive products to market and growth. Name and emerging brands he supported in systems changes, product innovations, launch or growth include Burlington Industries, JC Penney, FoxFire Technologies, Safe’n’Clear Medical Device, Aero Hydro 3D CAD, Clover Tex Yarns, Sea Pines Sports Resorts, Wilson Sporting Goods, Rossignol of France, Donnay Tennis, PAHR Golf Wear, Mountain Khakis Outdoor Gear, ReActiv Designs Ergonomic Tech Wear, and Southern Tide --considered the fastest growing apparel brand in America and recently named the 21st most promising company by Forbes.  

Product Development, Manufacturing & Branding Background 

Over Thirty Years of Product Supply Chain Experience:

R&D & Design Studio to Factory Floor, and Wholesale Trade Show to Retail Floor

Mr Gage, has worked directly in all aspects of the product supply chain in management, 

intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship, with big and small companies including tech 

companies: from the R&D floor to the design floor and CAD screen to the production floor; 

and from the wholesale trade show floor to the retail floor or corporate floor. 

He's navigated technology integration, venture funding, and sales including corporate, 

industrial, wholesale, retail and web e retail, plus marketing and PR. His career focus 

has primarily been on supporting  early stage companies and systems changes with a 

trained eye the past 15 years on accelerating emerging, next generation technologies.  

Serial Collaborator Extraordinaire

Global Resources

He collaborated with assets in the Carolinas, NY, Great Britain, France, South Africa 

and Asia to create apparel, sport, medical textiles, and technology products integrated 

with university academia, military, government and private industry. 

American Entrepreneur Family Heritage:

Seven Generations

Mr Gage is a 7th generation descendent of American entrepreneurs, manufacturers and 

marketers with a textile family heritage dating back to the beginning of the industrial 

revolution in Great Britain to today's smart product and wearables revolution originating from America. 

He is the 3rd Great Grandson of an English/Irish linen merchant immigrant to America 

and the son of a career textile engineer manufacturer that championed modern textiles 

into the middle later part of the 20th Century including implementing high tech water and 

air jet powered mass production weave looms. Both his grandfathers were sccessful 

manufacturer distributor entrepreneurs in the early/mid 20th century and his Great Uncle 

served as Dean of Clemson University's Textile School that was a leader in the early 

drive of the US Textile Industry toward its' production infrastructure peak at the early middle 

to later part of the last century. 

His Great Grandfather was an early mill investor in the Carolina textile industry's steam 

powered era formation in the late 1800'S and his Great Great Grandfather operated hand 

weave looms on the first generation Gage Family farm in Antebellum America a half century before Thomas Edison's and Samuel Insull's roll out of electricity. 

Mr Gage' 4th Great Grandfather, General HW  Harrington, who immigrated from London as a 

young man before the American Revolutionary War and served as the Commanding Officer to the famed Carolina Guerrilla styled Militia Man, Col Francis Marion -The SWAMP FOX- in the War of American Independencewas a Founding Trustee of UNC Chapel Hill, a Founding 

Father of the City of Raleigh (Harrington Street), and is historically known in the Carolinas as the 'First Farmer and Father of Export Cotton in NC'. 

Travel, Education & Family:

Globally traveled, Mr Gage study caded all over Western Europe as a WFU college student, 

then after collegiate competition and graduation he traveled half the world as a professional 

athlete before age 25; and later in his business career he traveled the USA, France and 

Northern Ireland as a technology, sports & textile apparel business developer and 


Mr Gage is the proud Father of two beautiful, very talented daughters for whom his bell tolls! 

He enjoys spending time with them and his large extended family and friends including: 

historical reading, grilling, beaching, camping, picnicking, mountain hiking, fly fishing, skiing, 

sailing, golfing, tennis, Deacon sports, and other outdoor activities with a focus on family,  fun, fitness, wellness, and spiritual growth.  

Go Deacs!

After competing professionally on the ATP Pro Tennis Satellite Circuit in Europe, Scandinavia, Africa and Florida he founded and operated his first business, the Ben Gage Tennis Academy & Active Wear Pro Shop in alliance with the Sea Pines Company of Hilton Head Island. While there he started two other successful businesses (one a wholesale import sporting goods and apparel distributorship and the other his own "made in the USA" department store active wear brand). 

During his time allied with Sea Pines he also collaborated with Indiana University's 

Professor Emeritus of Instructional Systems Technology (IST), the acclaimed late Dr Mendel Sherman (a pioneer of IST), to develop an innovative tennis teaching technology device and methodology based on Robert Gagne's Conditions of Learning and Maria Montessori precepts of self discovery learning principals.