Smart Product Collabatorium  


A Virtual Commercializer for Founders to Scale Innovations

CEO Services & Founders' Coaching

We Provide (Chief Everything Officer) Services and Founders' Coaching 


Emerging Companies and Entrepreneurs

Save Money and Time to Launch


Potential growth companies can utilize our proprietary solutions for navigational support to assure all the 

necessary business development and corporate processes are executed for successful commercialization

of Your Product to Market.

We walk Founders through the following fundamental phases as necessary to assure an effective 

foundation is laid at the out set to properly develop and grow your brand's emerging company toward a 

successful stakeholders' exit.                                                              


                                   CEO & Founders' Navigational Support

Pre-Product, Pre-Seed Money, Pre-Market

Market Analysis  

Market & Opportunities Research, Scalability

Concept, Market Forecast, Competitor Review

Sales Channel Review, Strategies, Networking

Business Planning

Business model & Revenue Model Formations

Founders' Contribution, Roles, Ownership Plan

Commercialization Pathway, Marketing Plan 

Product Formation 

Design Strategies, Brand Name & Tag Lines 

Product Plan & Merchandising Concept

Proto Product, Proof of Concept, Market Test


Post Proof of Concept, Ready to Market & Scale, Angel Investor Funded or Fundable

Corporate Development 

Company Formation, Structure, Team Building

IP Formation & Protection, Manager Contracts

Advisory Council & Board Room Formation

Operations Set Up 

Virtual Department/Marketing/Communications

Line Extensions/Product LifeCyle 

Fractional First Management  

Compliance, Supply Chain/Distribution Control

Financial Controls

Budgeting, Costing, Forecasting, Cap Needs

Administration, Book Keeping, Collections

Banking, Credit Lines, Factors, Investors 

Commercial Success Based on Founders' Execution

Our Foundational Services and Coaching addresses 10 critical aspects of Commercialization for cultivating key Stakeholders, Capital and Growth:

  1.   Founders’ Story Refinement (It's all about your story for cultivating stakeholders)
  2.   Project Assessment & Proof of Concept (pre-market product end user validations)
  3.   Organizational Structuring (founder & collaborator team cultivation, leadership, integration & ownership plan)
  4.   Realistic Projections & Plans (revenue forecast, executive summaries, milestone action plans, out sourcing strategy)
  5.   Corporate Development (Legal, Compliance, State & Fed, IP protection, executive boards, NDA's)
  6.   Effective Pitch Deck (design and prep with correct “investor-focused” lens, valuation and ROI)
  7.   Solid Launch Plans (supply chain network, sales strategies and cost efficient marketing plans)
  8.   Creative Branding, Product plans, Roll-out (continuous innovation strategies and commercial execution)
  9.   Market Channels & Growth Management (distribution pathways and how to scale to stand up and grow)
  10. Exit Plan (how Founders & Investors get return on their capital or ROI)

Note: Commercialization Definition of "Capital" includes Intellectual, Social, Financial & Creative Resources 

For more information on our team expertise and services, contact YP2M’s: 

Managing Partner, Benjamin Gage [email protected]