Smart Product Collabatorium  


                                  "A Virtual Collabotorium for Navigating Your Product to Market"

                          Coaching Innovators of Smart e Textile/Apparel, Sport Tech, & Health Tech Wearables

                                                        Desk Top View Only

Maximizing Emerging Entrepreneur Vision & Execution

Accelerating Launch Readiness, Execution Capability and Growth 

By Virtualizing Teams, Innovation and Collaboration
   To Bridge the wide divide between vision & commercial execution.

             YP2M Collabatoriun Mission: 

To enable Emerging Entrepreneur Founders within a “Virtual Collabotorium” to effectively advance from the “Fundable Ideas” stage to an operational structure with brand recognition, commercialized products, and market share achievement utilizing our: 
Launch Pro Navigator™ and Patented PLM Collaboration Process 

                      Our Value Proposition:

Led by a career SERIAL Entrepreneur teaming with SME's (subject matter experts) to serve as high value, "C" 

Level Advisers with Augmented 

Technical Staff and Resources allocated to our clients at a fraction 

of the cost of full time staff freeing 

founders to do what they do best...


the Business.

The ABC's of our COLLABORATORIUM's Innovation 

Process for Emerging Founder Entrepreneurs:

A) Innovation Project Assessment

B) IP Clearance/NDA's

C) Founders' Story Refinement

D) Strategic Planning & Pivots

E) Smart POC (Proof of Concept) 

F) Funding & Launch Preparation

G) Virtual Operations Start Up

H) Product Roll Out Execution 

I)  Growth Management

J) Acquisition & Exit Planning

Continuos Cultivation of Teams and Collaboration

               -Best in Class Subject Experts-  

We recruit and cultivate best in class SME's out of the start up ecosystem to work remotely as a virtual collaborative team to assure YP2M clients optimize our customized deliverables.