Smart Product Collabatorium  


"A Commercialization Platform to Develop & Scale Your Emerging Brand" 



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Emerging Company Founders

Our Proprietary Platform
Customizes the Foundation for 

Commercial Success 

By Navigating Your Pathway 


Launch and Grow

We Virtualise Teams, Innovation and Collaboration
To Bridge the wide divide between Vision & Commercial Execution.

             YP2M Commercialization Mission 

To enable Emerging Entrepreneurs to effectively advance from the “Fundable Ideas” stage to an operational structure with brand recognition, commercialized products, and market share utilizing our:
Launch Pro Navigator™ and Patented PLM Collaboration Process 

                      Our Value Proposition

We are led by a Career Entrepreneur and Intrapreneur Management Expert who is a Brand Launch Coach Extraordinaire. 

Emerging Brands, Patents and Systems Changes he supported led to million dollar values

We team virtually with technical experts to serve as high value, "C" 

Level Advisers with Augmented Staff and Resources for our clients.

We recruit partners and cultivate best in class experts out of the 

emerging market ecosystem and global supply chain to work remotely as a virtual collaborative team to assure our clients optimize their 

customized deliverables.