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We help fundable entrepreneurs develop viable products into revenue producing operations utilizing our proprietary commercialization process solution honed over many years! Our ultimate goal is to turn fledgling company founders into effective leaders of fast growth companies!

The quest for venture seed funding and launch execution is the most critical part of any start-up journey…it’s not easy and it requires a comprehensive process with a focus on the end goal, growth with an eventual ROI for all founders and stakeholders. 

Our Proprietary Commercialization Solutions are both Art and Process

Our solutions are configured to seamlessly navigate entrepreneurs from inception 
through funding and launch toward calculated growth and later funding rounds. We are led by an Intrapreneur and Entrepreneur Management Expert.

Introducing Our Virtual Coach

The Launch Pro Navigator
™ & Growth Calculator

"I developed the Launch Pro Navigator™ and Growth Calculator™ to enable fundable emerging companies to execute their commercial pathway to market and growth. 

Think of it as your 'Virtual Coach' for navigating Your Product 2 Market toward a viable Stakeholders and Founders' ROI company exit."


Benjamin Gage

YP2M Founder & Managing Partner

Management Expert in Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship

Master Start Up and Scale Up Professional

Benjamin Gage has a long history of working on the cutting edge while assuming risk and leading others in collaborations. His development and commercialization support of new brands, patents and systems changes led to significant savings, values and multi-million dollar acquisitions for others. 

He led or supported dozens of product development and launch operations in multiple categories including technology, performance apparel, smart textiles, sport tech, medical device wearables and resort properties. He served in many intrapreneur and entrepreneur roles including Start Up CEO, Executive Director, Founders' Growth Coach, Marketing Executive, Distributor, Sales and Production Management, Manufacturer's Rep and Global Sport Professional.

Today, he is committed to supporting early stage companies and their founders that possess talent and drive with 

an eye on the 'triple bottom line' (financial, social & ecological impact) and a fair return on their sweat equity 


Innovator, Coach, Team Builder, Process Efficiency Driven

He designed a SasS Technology Portal for global innovation based on PLM (Product LifeCycle Management) 

patents he was awarded, launched the first nationally distributed sport fashion brand in America to pioneer the 

merging of performance textile technology with aesthetic garment appeal, developed the Founder of the 21st 

Most Promising Company named by Forbes, and co founded a FDA approved Med Textile Wearable Device 


Most recently, he initiated and leads the university collaboration team for development of a proprietary SaaS 

Platform to manage the commercialization of emerging innovations out of institutional R&D toward growth. 

Broad Education, Collaborations, University Connections

Mr Gage has a BA from Wake Forest University, is a graduate of WFU's MBA School of Management's BDI at the 

Angell Center for Entrepreneurship, and serves as an Executive in Residence at NCSU for its' Office of Technology Commercialization and New Ventures in support of university student and faculty spin outs, while managing YP2M's Virtual Coach Accelerator. 

He is also allied with the combined NC State and UNC Center for Bio Medical Engineering and the Bio Tech Center of NC with a focus on medical textiles and health tech wearable solutions. 

Formerly, he collaborated with FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in NY and the former DOD supported Clemson 

Apparel Research Center as the Principal Investigator sponsored by the University related to PLM (Product LifeCycle Management) innovation in the value chain in response to disruptive econ effects from NAFTA & China's WTO entry. Previously, he had collaborated to develop a sport training device with Indiana University's Professor Emeritus, Dr Mendel Sherman, a pioneer of Instructional Systems Technology.  

Early Career Travel and Business Foundation 

A 4th generation manufacturer and 2nd generation sport professional, he evolved into a serial entrepreneur early in his career. After collegiate tennis competition and study-cading Western Europe, he graduated from WFU and competed professionally two seasons on the International ATP Pro Tennis Satellite Challenger Circuit in Europe, Scandinavia, South Africa and Florida. Later, after working in textile apparel plant management and pioneering activewear at retail and wholesale, he traveled as a sports marketing executive and then as a manufacture and technology entrepreneur to set up design and start up production operations in the USA, France, Northern Ireland, South Africa and Asia.