Smart Product CoLab  


                              "StartUp 2 ScaleUp Accelerator, Zero to First Million"

 Virtually Coaching Innovators of Smart Products in Health Tech, Medical Textiles, Apparel, Sport, Wearables & ioT Technologies 

Maximizing Emerging Founders' Vision & Execution
by Virtualizing Teams, Innovation, and Collaboration 

             YP2M Smart Product CoLab Mission: 

"I created YP2M's Smart Product Collabatorium to Virtualize 
Entrepreneur Centric Innovation from the Carolinas' Research Triangle region for the World! We are bridging the dark, wide divide between emerging Founders' vision and commercial execution. 

I've launched and marketed dozens of products and coached others 
how to. Throughout my innovation career, I've worked with Client  PHd's and student drop outs, to technology executives, engineers,
doctors, and creatives, to professional athletes, military, and 

My launch mantra recommended to clients is always about 
visionteam, collaboration, pivotspersistance, and execution."

Benjamin Gage, Smart Product ColLab Creator
Founders' Commercialization Navigator, StartUp to ScaleUp

ThABC's of our COLLABORATORIUM's Innovation Process:

A) Innovation Project Assessment

B) IP Clearance/NDA's

C) Founders' Story Refinement

D) Strategic Planning & Pivots

E) Smart POC (Proof of Concept) 

F) Funding & Launch Preparation

G) Virtual Operations Start Up

H) Product Roll Out Execution 

I)  Growth Management

J) Acquisition & Exit Planning

Continuos Cultivation of Teams and Collaboration
               -Best in Class Subject Experts-  

"To serve our smart product entrepreneur clients comprehensively, I recruit and cultivate best in class subject matter experts out of the technology and serial entrepreneur ecosystem and startup service provider culture! We work remotely as a virtual collaborative team to assure our clients optimize their customized smart deliverables." 

Benjamin Gage, YP2M Founder