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                                 "ScaleUp Accelerator"

 Virtually Coaching Innovators of Smart Sport, Fashion, Textiles and Health Tech, Wearables & ioT Technologie 

Welcome Emerging Founders & Innovative Companies!


YP2M Smart Product Collaboratorium: 
"Capitalizing Smart Ventures by Cultivating Social, Intelectual, Financial & Creative Capital"

We Provide Commercial Pathways, R&D to Growth 

"I've been buidling teams and driving products to market for decades. Now I'm passing it on to you! The past 10 years I've successfully coached innovation founders and consumer goods brand owners how to pivot, 

scale, and be effective growth entrepreneurs of emerging 

companies without losing 

management control or getting 

stuck in corporate minutia and 

analysis paralysis."

"I utilize my Launch Navigation and patented PLM Process integrated into my Smart Network to support our emerging clients."

Benjamin Gage, 

YP2M Managing Partner

Founders' Growth Coach, StartUp to ScaleUp 

NOTE: Companies & Founders using "professional business coaching" from Startups to Google see a median return on their investment of 7 times, 

according to studies by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.


Remote Coaching, StartUp to ScaleUp 

Customized Weekly Sessions & Monthly Packages

-Founders' Vision Validation & StartUp Project Assessment

-Customized Launch Navigation & Growth Execution Calculations

-Innovative Solutions to Overcome Barriers to Market & Growth

-Comprehensive Reset Analysis to Existing Brands and Innovations

Three, Six, and Twelve Month Package Options

Startup Biz Development:

Collaborative Biz Formation Processes

  • Market analysis & proof of concept
  • Product development & IP formation
  • Financial forecasting, ownership & capital plans, ROI
  • Corporate structuring & forming an Advisory Board

Launch & Growth Infrastructure

Collaborative Go to Market Processes & Growth

  • Identify (Designers/Developers & Supply Chain/Distributors)
  • Cultivate (Creative, Social, Financial & Intellectual Capital)
  • Recruit (1st Management, Partners & Service Providers)
  • Outsource (Strategic Operations & Virtual Departments)

YP2M Collaboratorium Smart Benefit:


We virtually Coach Founders to

Scale and Exit Companies!